New accommodation in Senator club Bazen

New accommodation in Senator club Bazen

Senator club Bazen in Gevgelija also known as Casino Motel Senator recently put into operation 13 new rooms for accommodation. The capacity was extended and now they can offer 25 rooms in total. The new rooms offer modern accommodation conditions for proper rest and relaxation. All rooms are equipped with French beds, air conditioning, mini-bar, […]

Congratulations to the lucky winner of the Volkswagen Beetle

Grand Prix Game – “Beetle jackpot” is over and we have the winner. In pleasant atmosphere thanks to the music of “Cherry Bend” with more than a hundred potential winners in Sunday 08.03.2015 in Senator club Stul in Tetovo we draw out the lucky winner of New Volkswagen BEETLE. Sincere congratulations goes to Mr. Ali […]

Senator and Vardar together to success in 2015

This 2015th we will start with a news worthy for winners. We are honored that we are part of the teams where hustle and progressive spirit are the main interest. Senator casino is proud to announce that with immense joy and satisfaction will cheer for the football club Vardar as well as for women’s and […]


In all Senator clubs, DOUBLE MINIPOT!!! Double MINIPOT is the best way to wish you good morning, good afternoon and good night. Win the MINIPOT in periods of 08-10h, 17-19h and 01-03h and value of winning MINIPOT will be doubled. Enjoy the game and take the chance to double your winnings with every deposit.

Grand Prix Game – “Beetle jackpot”

Dear all, we would like to inform you that as of today 08.20.2014 Casino Senator Macedonia organizes winning play “Beetle jackpot” that will last until the 08.03.2015. The main and only prize that will be awarded to one lucky winner is a New Volkswagen BEETLE.     The prize competition is conducted in the Republic […]
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