BMW X4 Jackpot winner!

BMW X4 Jackpot winner!

“BMW X4 Jackpot” organized by Senator Macedonia has officially ended on 10.08.

We are very proud to announce that “BMW X4 Jackpot” has finally found its winner!

The winner is Mr. Haris Kadrija with his winning ticket No. 009489! The draw of the BMW X4 Jackpot was done in Senator Club Stul – Tetovo.

The BMW X4 Jackpot took place in 9 Senator Clubs, of which 6 in Tetovo and 3 in Gostivar:

  1. STUL – Tetovo
  2. KORNER – Tetovo
  3. ROJAL – Tetovo
  4. SENA – Tetovo
  5. RIVA – Tetovo
  6. SAPKA – Tetovo
  7. SANI – Gostivar
  8. BAR – Gostivar
  9. HILTON – Gostivar

Every winning Jackpot gave out a specified number of tickets which were collected in sealed glass boxes and on 10.08 they were all brought to Senator Club Stul in Tetovo and opened and poured in one pile of tickets. The tickets were then mixed and the winning ticket No. 009489 was drawn, showing the winner Mr. Kadrija.


Senator Macedonia congratules Mr. Haris Kadrija for his new BMW X4!





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